Why Wildlands?

Proven results mean a sound investment

Since our founding, Wildlands League has improved protection for over 23 million hectares of publicly owned land in Ontario and the species that call this land home. We are a charity that works independently and as an affiliate chapter of CPAWS.

Our Nature Legacy

In 1965, concerns over the lack of planning and protection of parks in Ontario, in particular Algonquin Provincial Park, resulted in a clarion call to preserve wilderness as natural areas in Ontario.

Penned by Doug Pimlott, “Preservation of Natural Areas in Ontario” was published in The Ontario Naturalist, triggering “preservationist upsurge”. Over the next three years, multiple discussions were conducted about the creation of an environmental group that would reignite the conversation on preserving parks in Ontario. That environmental group would be Algonquin Wildlands League.

On June 1st, 1968, Algonquin Wildlands League helds its inaugural meeting as an official non-profit environmental group, consisting of 11 members.

Environmental historian George Warecki, wrote in 1989, “Naturalists, scientists, recreationists, and environmentalists joined forces to publicize the need for preservation.  The awakening spawns a new pressure group – the Algonquin Wildlands League”. The League champions a “wilderness free of interference with ecological processes especially resource extraction and recreational overuse”. With the emergence of the Wildlands League, there is a shift from ‘quiet diplomacy” to ‘mass media techniques’ with the latter being the foundation of “Ontario’s modern wilderness preservation movement”. (Ref: Warecki,G 1989, Protecting Ontario’s Wilderness: A history of changing ideas and preservation politics, 1927 – 1973. The Canadian Historical Review,University of Toronto Press. Vol. 8. p. 6)

Your Nature Legacy

Together with people like you, Wildlands League has worked to create a better world . We’ve been able to expand the scope work over the years, tackling more issues that threaten the places and species that you love. guiding global policy on responsible forestry and mining, fresh water and oceans, carbon and climate and expanding the network of nature corridors in Southern Ontario where development has left little for nature to exist, let alone thrive.

Your gift will help us advance the preservation of abundance, protect what needs protection and to restore nature in places where we need it to thrive again. You can fulfill your legacy for nature with trust in the team at Wildlands League, to steward a vision for a thriving natural world.

Help us protect the places you love – and the memories that your families will treasure forever.

The planet needs you, now more than ever. 

Our Vision for the Future

Wildlands has a vision far into the future, and the accomplishments will have been made possible because of members of The Nature Legacy Circle at Wildlands League.

If Wildlands League is successful, we will have protected abundance. The beautiful Belugas of Hudson Bay will swim freely. Birds will return by the billions to nest in the boreal forests of Canada. The seismic and logging roads, that leave deep scars across Canada will be healed. Forests will stand tall, where once they fell. And caribou will thrive.

In this new world Canadians will connect to nature. Children and families will be able to navigate from Georgian Bay to Algonquin travelling rewilded pathways. We will rebuild nature here in southern Ontario, so that the species most at threat such as Blandings Turtles and others, will be rebound. This is our dream. A world of hope for our children and the natural world. 

Your legacy gift will help make this vision a reality.