Through your generosity, you can protect more nature than ever before.

Leaving a Nature Legacy with Wildlands will help us advance the preservation of abundance, protect what needs protection and restore nature in places where we need it.

There will be more nature closer to home. Protection for places like the Rouge, Ojibway Shores in Windsor or Meewasin in Saskatoon. The belugas of Hudson Bay will swim freely forever and the bird nursery for the continent will thrive. Children and Families will travel rewilded ecological corridors.

You have many options available to you as you create your nature legacy through Wildlands League.

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Why Wildlands League?

Proven Results Mean a Sound Investment

Since our founding, Wildlands League has improved protection for over 32 million hectares of publicly owned land across Canada. We are a charity that works independently, and collaborates to find solutions. Learn more.

Your Nature Legacy

Together with people like you, Wildlands League has worked to create a better world. We’ve been able to expand the scope of work over the years, tackling more issues that threaten the places and species that you love. Guiding global policy on responsible forestry and mining, fresh water and oceans, carbon and climate and expanding the network of nature corridors in Southern Ontario where development has left little for nature to exist, let alone thrive.

Your gift will help us advance the preservation of abundance, protect what needs protection and to restore nature in places where we need it to thrive again. You can fulfill your legacy for nature with trust in the team at Wildlands League, to steward a vision for a thriving natural world.

Help us protect the places you love – and the memories that your families will treasure forever. The planet needs you, now more than ever. 

Your legacy gift will help make this vision a reality.