Philanthropy for Business Owners – Using Your Private Corporation to Enhance your Donations

Join Candice Jay, Vice President at CC&L Private Capital Ltd. and Vlad Solokhine, Certified Financial Planner at Lazar-Wealth Succession Strategies, for an education session on strategic philanthropy, planned and legacy giving for business owners.

In this webinar you will learn how to use your private corporation for personal philanthropy and how it could bring your charitable impact to the next level, through simple non-accounting language and practical examples.
• Contributing to your Capital Dividend Account (CDA) through charitable giving
• Gifts of securities through your corporation
• How to donate with corporately owned life insurance
• How to create a complete philanthropic solution for your family

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Thank you to Vlad Solokhine, Candice Jay, and Matthew Urback, our professional advisors and lawyer for this series. Vlad, Matthew, and Candice are professional members of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners.